May 2023

Condition Monitoring Strategies

Predicting and Preventing Future Failures

Most organizations operate in a reactive maintenance environment. While failure modes aren’t age-related, they do provide some warning. If we can find these signals, we can take preventive action to minimize the consequences of failure. — Erik Hupjé

Erik Hupjé
author photo Erik Hupjé is the founder of the Road to Reliability™ and has over 20 years’ experience in asset management, and specifically managing maintenance & reliability. He has worked in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, the Sultanate of Oman, and Australia. Erik has a passion for continuous improvement and keeping things simple. Through the Road to Reliability™, he helps Maintenance & Reliability professionals around the globe improve their plant’s reliability and their organisation’s bottom line. Learn More

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1 minute read

Letter from the Editor: Preventing Asset Failures with Condition Monitoring

Reliable Plant Reliable Plant

In this competitive industry, the difference between surviving and thriving comes down to asset failure. By adopting condition-monitoring strategies, we can learn to stop unplanned downtime from running our facilities. Read More »


7 minute read

Condition-Based Maintenance Fails Without Effective Planning and Scheduling

Erik Hupje Erik Hupjé

When a reactive organization invests in a condition-based maintenance solution, it rarely delivers the promised result, not because the technology is faulty, but because these facilities aren’t ready to manage the solution. Read More »


4 minute read

Condition Monitoring Strategies for Maintenance and Manufacturing Optimization

Alex Oliveira Alex Oliveira

Strategies focused on the synergy between machine data and manufacturing parameters foster sophisticated equipment and failure mode analyses that revolutionize cost management and vastly improve our ability to predict process problems. Read More »


Maintenance Disrupted

Rafe Britton Rafe Britton

Join Rafe Britton and Blair Fraser as they delve into the state of the manufacturing industry today, some of the exciting technologies they’re keeping an eye on, and common threads that contribute to industry success. Read More »


4 minute read

Stop Unplanned Downtime with Machine Learning Predictive Maintenance

Trevor Bloch Trevor Bloch

Unplanned downtime can be a major headache for facilities, causing production losses and reduced profits. Predictive maintenance with machine learning offers a way to prevent downtime by identifying equipment failures before they occur. Read More »


6 minute read

Bridging the Vibration Gap with Digital Monitoring

Peter Eitnier Peter Eitnier

Digital vibration transmitters provide critical machine health data for vibration analysis. When vibration analysis is performed regularly, developing faults are identified early, and predictive maintenance can be scheduled without impacting production. Read More »

Spot the Maintenance Mistake

Spot the Maintenance Mistake


5 minute read

The Power of “T”

Daniel Daley Daniel Daley

While the current Mean Time Between Failure of an asset may be too short based on its current use, it is a characteristic that can be manipulated. By utilizing available resources and applying them in a different way, we can increase our MTBF without making drastic physical changes. Read More »


4 minute read

Condition Monitoring Analysis in the Age of Machine Learning

Chris Klosterman Chris Klosterman

The results of utilizing machine learning for condition monitoring have encouraged many organizations to put data science to work for them to advance their maintenance effectiveness. But is it really as simple as it seems? Read More »


Failure Modes

John Ross John Ross

Failure Modes

Join industry expert John Ross in his Maintenance Minute video as he explains the most difficult part of FMEA, RCM and PMO – determining the failure modes.


6 minute read

Creating Preventive Maintenance Culture Through Comics

Joel Levitt Joel Levitt Breanna Moll Breanna Moll

To help culture root, we must stimulate our team in unique ways to differentiate ourselves from the monotony of information being supplied to them. One exciting way that Joel Levitt found of creating engaging content is through his original comic books. Read More »


4 minute read

7 Steps to Optimize Maintenance

Ricky Smith Ricky Smith

Many failures are the result of poorly constructed procedures. By adopting a philosophy where maintenance is planned, scheduled and executed in support of facility needs, we can greatly improve an operation’s profitability. Read More »