April 2023

EHS & Energy Conservation

Going Green for Leading Reliability

By adopting a sustainable approach to maintenance operations and utilizing technologies to support those efforts, businesses can reap the benefits of improved performance and an enhanced bottom line. — Bryan Christiansen

Bryan Christiansen
author photo Bryan Christiansen is the founder and CEO of Limble CMMS. Limble is a modern, easy-to-use mobile CMMS software that takes the stress and chaos out of maintenance by helping managers organize, automate, and streamline their maintenance operations. Learn More

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Useful Resource

1 minute read

Letter from the Editor: Improving Asset Performance

Reliable Plant Reliable Plant

Earth Day invites us to evaluate how we consume natural resources and reflect on how our processes and waste impact the environment, our own health and well-being, and the success of our maintenance efforts. Read More »


7 minute read

Clean is Green: Profit from Equipment Cleanliness

Bernie Hall Bernie Hall

Maintaining clean oil is a crucial investment for higher profitability and sustainability. By caring for our lubricants, we experience benefits to our bottom line and reduce our waste, spending, and carbon footprint. Read More »


5 minute read

Industrial Energy Efficiency: Simple Solutions for Protecting Profits

Breanna Moll Breanna Moll

From turning on the breakroom coffee pot to running an entire boiler system, energy is critical to our daily operations. But how often do we pause to think about how we’re consuming this resource? Read More »

Spot the Maintenance Mistake

Spot the Maintenance Mistake


5 minute read

Hydroxyl Radicals: A Sanitation Solution

Tom Moriarty Tom Moriarty Roger Slotkin Roger Slotkin

Referred to as a facility’s “immune system,” hydroxyl radicals are the most remarkable molecule you’ve never heard about. Harmless to humans and extremely effective at sanitizing dangerous toxins, this molecule presents many opportunities for industry health and safety. Read More »


Going Green for Lean: Landfill Waste to Energy

Breanna Moll Breanna Moll

Going Green for Lean: Landfill Waste to Energy

Going lean isn’t new, but what about going green to become lean? Lean removes waste, and one overlooked source is our energy. While we can’t eliminate it, we can adapt. By using renewable energy, like Landfill Waste to Energy, we can solidify our lean culture.


3 minute read

6 Ways CMMS Supports EHS & Energy Conservation

Bryan Christiansen Bryan Christiansen

As we place more importance on sustainable practices, we must start looking at CMMS as more than just a maintenance solution in order to improve our sustainability performance and enhance our bottom line. Read More »


How Corporate Energy Management Planning is Tackling Climate Change

Shawn Verbrugghe Shawn Verbrugghe

Join Shawn Verbrugghe and Anand Varahala as they discuss how to successfully manage the large task of Corporate Level Energy Management Planning from the top down and bottom up. Read More »


4 minute read

Dangers of Electrostatic Discharge

Martin Migliori Martin Migliori Joseph Lisowski Joseph Lisowski

Electrostatic discharge presents a serious threat to personnel safety, equipment safety, and equipment reliability. By understanding the dangerous phenomenon, we can develop a plan to protect our irreplaceable team members and critical equipment. Read More »


4 minute read

Preventing Plant Disasters with Data Management

Marc Laplante Marc Laplante

Asset failures are one of the top three causes of accidents that end in safety issues and pollution. In response, industrial operators must embrace a big data strategy for their assets if they wish to maintain profitability and sustainability. Read More »