March 2023

Physical Asset Management

Maintaining Machines to Promote Progress

Watch the trends, listen to the data and do your best to care for the machines much like you care for your own body. Remember, our machines have no voice – they only have you as their advocate, so speak wisely. — Jeff Walkup

Jeff Walkup
author photo Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Fluid Life, is a respected industry leader with over 25 years of experience in condition monitoring and other non-destructive testing protocol solutions. Jeff is passionate about investing in people and developing solid relationships with customers and colleagues. His proudest accomplishments are raising his wonderful children and serving in the U.S. Army. Jeff holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Economics from Arizona State University. Learn More

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Noria announces Gear Talk, a new monthly podcast

Gear Talk is the podcast that connects maintenance & reliability professionals with reliable information, insights and experts, enabling them to accomplish their goals more effectively, efficiently and enthusiastically. Join Wes Cash each month as he talks shop with industry experts, thought leaders and the folks in the trenches keeping the industry moving.

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Letter from the Editor: Improving Asset Performance

Reliable Plant Reliable Plant

In this ever-evolving industry, data is at the heart of everything we do and every decision we make. By learning how to enhance our data efforts and align them with our maintenance strategies, we can develop sustainable world-class systems built on quality and efficiency. Read More »


Risk Management: Comparing Equipment Health with Human Health

Jeff Walkup Jeff Walkup

Jeff Walkup interview

We say, “Anything a doctor can do with blood, we can do with lubrication.” But do we treat our high-dollar, mission-critical machines like our own health? By combining actionable insights with a dose of old-fashioned wisdom, we can learn to respond properly to the needs of our equipment. Read More »

3 Strategies for Continuous Improvement

Breanna Moll Breanna Moll

Manufacturers must increase productivity while reducing costs, but this can be difficult to manage. To achieve these goals, maintenance and reliability experts are turning toward continuous improvement strategies for answers and insight. Read More »


What is the PF Curve?

Joe Kuhn Joe Kuhn

What is the PF Curve?

Join Joe Kuhn as he investigates the concepts and benefits of detecting failure-inducing equipment anomalies early through the PF Curve. Read More »


Preventive Maintenance: Who Said It First?

Karl Burnett Karl Burnett

As the industry expands, new terms are coined to describe the evolving concepts that keep our machines running. By understanding their origins, we can discover why terms like Preventive Maintenance were necessary and how they continue to impact us today. Read More »


Proper Greasing with Wes Cash

James Kovacevic James Kovacevic

Join James Kovacevic and Noria’s Wes Cash as they shed light on proper greasing techniques and why they’re integral for maintaining our critical physical assets. Read More »


The Ultimate Maintenance and Scheduling KPIs

Doc Palmer Doc Palmer

KPIs expose the truth behind our maintenance programs and reveal if we’re succeeding in our primary objective – keeping our machines healthy and operational. By strategically using KPIs, we can realize the potential of our facility and transform into a world-class operation. Read More »

SMED: What It Is and Why It Matters

Jonathan Trout Jonathan Trout

Introducing processes and techniques that minimize waste is crucial for a productive lean facility. One lean process to revolutionize the manufacturing world is SMED, which significantly reduces the time needed to perform equipment changeovers. Read More »