February 2023

Data Analytics & Troubleshooting

Analysis for Data-Driven Maintenance Practices

In a competitive space such as the manufacturing industry, adaptability and a culture of continuous improvement are crucial for gaining an advantage. The next generation of workers is embracing this mindset and recognizing the growth and development opportunities of a workforce dedicated to maximizing its potential. — Eric Whitley

Eric Whitley
author photo For over 30 years, Eric Whitley has been a noteworthy leader in the Manufacturing space. In addition to the many publications and articles Eric has written on various manufacturing topics, you may know him from his efforts leading the Total Productive Maintenance effort at Autoliv ASP or from his involvement in the Management Certification programs at The Ohio State University, where he served as an adjunct faculty member. Learn More

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Reliability Improvement Saves $40 Million

A plant experienced frequent unplanned shutdowns causing losses of large fractions of their plant capacity. Previous Corrective Actions had little lasting impact. But they found the answer after TapRooT® Training.

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Letter from the Editor

Reliable Plant Reliable Plant

In this ever-evolving industry, data is at the heart of everything we do and every decision we make. By learning how to enhance our data efforts and align them with our maintenance strategies, we can develop sustainable world-class systems built on quality and efficiency. Read More »


How Your Mobile Solution Impacts Workflow

John Todd John Todd

Providing your workforce with a mobile solution is a good idea and a worthwhile investment for them and the business. The question is not whether to adopt smart devices, but rather how best to implement them in the context of your business processes. Read More »

Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance

Breanna Moll Breanna Moll

Unplanned downtime deteriorates a plant’s productivity and bottom line. To reduce these losses and extend its early-warning capabilities, a facility needs a predictive maintenance strategy that’s supported by the right data technologies. Read More »


Choosing the Right Maintenance Strategy

Jim Fitch Jim Fitch

Choosing the Right Maintenance Strategy with Jim Fitch

In condition-based maintenance, there are two general philosophies: predictive maintenance and proactive maintenance. While these terms are often used interchangeably, they are not the same. Noria expert Jim Fitch explains the different strategies, methods and goals for each of these maintenance philosophies so you can choose the right one for your plant.


5 Big Benefits Connected Worker Technology Brings to Your Factory

Eric Whitley Eric Whitley

In a competitive space such as manufacturing, adaptability and a culture of continuous improvement are crucial for gaining an advantage. The next generation of workers is embracing the mindset and recognizing the growth and development potential of a connected workforce. Read More »


Data Centers Feeling the Heat with George Parada

Ryan Chan Ryan Chan

Data centers are responsible for so much transfer of information, and data centers are only continuing to grow and become more complex. Managing maintenance and reliability for these centers can provide some unique challenges. Tune in with Ryan Chan and George Parada to learn about these challenges and how to overcome them.


How Equipment Troubleshooting and Root Cause Analysis Work Together

Mark Paradies Mark Paradies Justin Clark Justin Clark

The cost of failure is never negligible. In the end, effective troubleshooting, paired with advanced root cause analysis, is essential to saving your company money and creating a safer environment for all. Read More »