January 2023

Emerging Trends & Technologies

Discovering the Future of Reliability

Change is often required to increase business performance. Whether this change is necessitated by inside growth or outside threats, leaders must assess the circumstances and determine which opportunities are most important to achieve the results that were envisioned. — Tom Moriarty

Tom Moriarty
author photo Tom Moriarty has over 39 years of experience in leadership, asset management, maintenance and reliability engineering in a variety of roles. He is an expert in managing physical asset maintenance and reliability engineering programs, leadership development programs and strategic improvement programs. Tom is President of Alidade MER, Inc., a consulting company in Florida. Learn More

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Backed by Noria Corporation’s trusted expertise, RelaWorks offers a comprehensive selection of reliability products – in one convenient online location – and at competitive pricing. Eliminate lengthy research, expensive over-buying, under-buying and buying products that will not perform to your expectations or goals.

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Letter from the Editor

Breanna Moll Breanna Moll

To accomplish our goals, we must look towards emerging trends and technologies, not only to reveal the future of the industry, but to show us how to continually capitalize on these opportunities for growth. Read More »


Disrupting Disaster: Keys to Workplace Safety

Breanna Moll Breanna Moll

Facilities aim for excellence. From manufacturing to maintenance, employees are trained to be experts in their field. But, according to OSHA, one area consistently failing to meet expectations is worker safety. Read More »

Habits are Critical to Perpetuating Change

Tom Moriarty Tom Moriarty

So many initiatives get implemented, but many fail to achieve the results that were envisioned. To overcome this and experience better long-term results, we need our teams to have the right habits. Read More »


The 5 Biggest Technology Trends in 2023 Everyone Must Get Ready for Now

Bernard Marr Bernard Marr

Join Bernard Marr as he explores the top 10 biggest tech trends emerging in 2023 and why they are so important to the future of our industry and businesses.

The 5 Biggest Technology Trends in 2023 Everyone Must Get Ready for Now


Manufacturing in Minutes: The 3D Printing Revolution

Reliable Plant Reliable Plant

As consumer demand increases in complexity, for facilities to find success, they must keep an eye on new technologies and trends that offer solutions to complex problems. One technology ushering the industry into a new age is 3D printing. Read More »


Bonus Episode: Live from Reliable Plant

Charli Matthews Charli Matthews

Join Charli Matthews, host of Empowering Industry Podcast, as she sits down with two industry leaders, Michael Bernhard and Tom Moriarty, at Reliable Plant Conference and picks their brains about their successes and experiences within the reliability industry.


From Pilot to Success: Building Your In-House Predictive Maintenance System in 4 Steps

Bryan Christiansen Bryan Christiansen

Anyone who has been in manufacturing has dealt with the stresses of unplanned downtime. Because of its negative effects, we are always looking for ways to reduce downtime – and one answer is predictive maintenance. Read More »