December 2022

Maintenance Optimization

Improving Maintenance for Proactive Growth

With the industry evolving faster than ever, it’s important to have exceptional systems in place to guarantee the quality of work being completed and the final product being produced. By going back to the basics, we can help build a stronger foundation for the future. – Bill Barto

Bill Barto
author photo Bill Barto is a Reliability and Maintenance coach with over 30 years of experience in the industry helping facilities achieve operational excellence through their daily practices and procedures. Bill graduated from the University of Central Florida, and specializes in Reliability Engineering, Root Cause Analysis, and Preventative Maintenance. Learn More

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How Good Do You Think Your Maintenance Program Is?

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Letter from the Editor

Reliable Plant Reliable Plant

Maintenance optimization is a core trait necessary for any successful plant. By understanding what tasks need to be performed and when to carry them out, we can remove barriers to success and become leaders in the industry. Read More »


Checklists: Back to Basics

Bill Barto Bill Barto

Checklists are everywhere you look, and while they may be intuitive and something you feel very familiar with, research shows there are many ways to perform and apply them incorrectly. Read More »

The Future of Maintenance: Technologies Making an Impact

Breanna Moll Breanna Moll

From the C-suite to the boots on the ground, progressive technologies present new and unique solutions to a host of obstacles and have a direct impact on job performance and facility productivity. Read More »


The Low-Hanging Fruit of Lubrication Improvement with Devin Jarrett

James Kovacevic James Kovacevic

In this episode, Rooted in Reliability host, James Kovacevic, walks us through what it takes to create meaningful lubrication change in our facilities and how we can create quick wins that have a large impact on facility productivity.


Root Cause Analysis: What’s the Point?

Brian Hughes Brian Hughes

Maintenance and reliability people fix failed equipment on a regular basis, and when the impact of this failure is substantial, a root cause analysis is often required. But what’s the point? Read More »


What Do I Do With the Data?

Bennett Fitch Jeremy Drury

What Do I Do With the Data?

This is the crux of the Industrial Internet of Things. In preparing for the onslaught of new information, you may realize you don’t have the staff to keep up. Learn how to maximize the power and effectiveness of critical data to keep you ahead and focused on what matters.


Reducing Downtime and Improving Machine Health with Predictive Maintenance

Abhishek Jadhav Abhishek Jadhav

Plant managers are doing more with less, making ongoing maintenance optimization a constant challenge. By putting down the clipboard and focusing on performing tasks that improve machine health, we can reduce downtime and costs across the organization. Read More »