October 2022

Asset Reliability

Activating the Right Assets for Powerful Results

When a company chooses to embrace the asset operations management philosophy, it can avoid the negative impacts of using traditional tactics and reap the benefits of its maintenance, operations, and reliability teams being united around asset-focused goals.
– Ryan Chan

Ryan Chan
author photo UpKeep was brought to life in 2015 by CEO, Ryan Chan, from an idea he had while he was working as a process-development engineer at a membrane manufacturing plant. He noticed that one of the biggest problems at the facility was the extremely cumbersome process of creating, keeping track of, and closing out maintenance work orders. Learn More


Achieving Goals Through Maintenance, Reliability, and Operations Collaboration

Ryan Chan Ryan Chan

When maintenance, reliability, and operations teams operate together and are aligned on achieving a common goal, it delivers complete synchronization among all teams and produces positive results for the entire facility. Read More »

A Proactive Approach to Team Collaboration

Ricky Smith Ricky Smith

Organizations that are reactive in their team efforts are often dysfunctional, causing severe losses that can have a lasting ripple effect. By admitting a facility has a problem in this area, different departments can begin working together to solve problems and prevent new ones from occurring. Read More »


Take Your Lubrication Program Up a Notch

Ryan Chan Ryan Chan Bennett Fitch Bennett Fitch

Ryan Chan & Bennett Fitch explore how lubrication effects different aspects of our daily business habits and how it can be used effectively to take a lubrication program to the next level.


The Essence of Reliability Centered Maintenance

Nancy Regan Nancy Regan

The Essence of Reliability Centered Maintenance

Nancy Regan explores the essence of Reliability Centered Maintenance and how having the right approach can create a large impact on the way a facility responds to failures. By being prepared and curating creative solutions, new levels of facility excellence can be achieved.


Developing an Innovative and Effective Maintenance Training Program

Douglas Hart Douglas Hart

It’s the perfect storm – having a retiring workforce during a soft economy and a younger, untrained crew entering the industry when most companies have halted maintenance training efforts, leading to maintenance knowledge gaps. But what can be done to “turn the ship around” and begin adding lasting value to a maintenance program? Read More »

Why Mechanics Should Perform RCFAs

Robert Perez Robert Perez

Improving machine reliability is everyone’s responsibility. Through Root Failure Cause Analysis and plantwide participation in reliability improvement efforts, a facility can significantly increase equipment run times while reducing maintenance costs. Read More »

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Letter from the Editor

Reliable Plant Reliable Plant

It’s no secret our industry is facing adversity. From an uncertain economic situation to a retiring workforce, companies must discover innovative ways to reposition their status quo to not only survive, but thrive. Read More »